Christmas in Barbados - Beaches
Reeds beach is the nearest – lovely & deserted but no bar. It takes 7 minutes to get there and you can park on the beach. Great for walks and an early morning or sunset swim.
Mullins, further north has a bar/restaurant (now owned by Rory the very popular former manager of Lone Star)  but it is more crowded. However you can go for a longer walk here, into Gibbs beach.
The beach either side of Lone Star is nice. Alleynes Bay. Again, a good walk is possible from here. And the beach boutique is worth a look. 
Paynes Bay is the biggest; it has the longest walk options too. Park alongside Sands (or if lunching, at Tamarind Bay Hotel). At low tide you can walk north right round into the beach in front of Sandy Lane. Or go south past Tamarind Bay, Daphne’s and the House (both good places to get a sunset drink). 
We also buy our fresh fish from ‘Young’ at the Fish Market at the south of Paynes Bay – she’s lovely but only buy fish brought in that day. Barracuda is best, followed by Red Snapper. Mahi Mahi or Dorada (which they call Dolphin) is OK too. She will fillet the fish for you. She closes at 7pm. NB never swallow fish that doesn't taste right, anywhere in the world.
Christmas in Barbados - Restaurants
If you have been here before you probably already know the restaurants you like best, but here are our favourites.  Do ask West Coast Villas to make reservations for you - restaurants book up early for Christmas in Barbados.
Lone Star, on the West Coast. See: Tel 419 0599
The Cliff of course, which is further down the coast. See:
Note – this is twice the cost of he others (but most people think it’s worth it). Remember to book it as soon as you know your dates. Tel 432 1922
Cin Cin the latest restaurant to open on the West Coast and already the most popular. Also the most modern, setting a new standard for Barbados. 
The chef, Larry Rogers has been responsible for some of the best places to eat on the island.
See:   Tel 424 4557
Scarlets is a small restaurant very popular with the expats and locals. Great cocktails and a fun atmosphere. It’s just past Daphne’s on the other side of the road. 432 3663
Lemongrass Noodle Bar & Grill in Limegrove is a great place, especially after seeing a movie in the cinema. See:
Tel 271 8265 
For lunch, as we said, you should go to The Atlantis – a great hotel recently restored, with a lunch terrace overlooking the Atlantic. 
See: Tel 433 9445 . Tell Andrew Warren, the owner or Diane, that you’re staying in the Potter’s house.
Andrew also owns The Fish Pot up on the north side of the west coast past Speightstown. Another great place for lunch. Tel 439 3000
Again, a good place to go is the boardwalk on the South Coast then have an early supper at Tapas (see Places to go)


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